Auxano’s Lead Conversion Breakthrough: Transforming Lead Management

Wausau Homes, a leading custom home builder in the U.S., boasts a
50-year legacy of excellence in the home building industry. Despite
their rich history and controlled construction system, Wausau
Homes faced a significant challenge when it came to converting
the high volume of leads generated from their advertising efforts.

The Challenge:
Wausau Homes utilizes a federation of independent home builders to sell their
panelized construction to potential home buyers. However, this decentralized
approach led to inconsistent lead follow-up and conversion rates. It was up to the
builder to pursue all leads and convert them into home buyers. Upon review by
Auxano, it was determined that over 50% of the leads were not being contacted by
the builders, and a very small fraction ended up building a home. The company
recognized the need to improve lead management and conversion processes to
make the most of their advertising efforts.

The Auxano Solution:
Auxano devised a game-changing strategy known as “Let Builders be Builders“,
recognizing that the federation of independent home builders preferred putting
“hammer to nail”, rather than wasting time cultivating leads. Leveraging Salesforce
Cloud solutions and A/B testing, they fine-tuned the lead process before assigning
leads to builders. Here’s how the solution unfolded:

  • Enhanced Lead Refinement – Auxano implemented various web-to-lead form
    formats on Wausau Homes’ website, making it easier for potential buyers to
    express their interest in building a custom home. By analyzing the information
    provided, Auxano identified potential home buyers at different stages of their
    home-buying journey. Those still exploring options received special nurturing
    campaigns that provided the information they needed to make informed
    decisions, without involving the builders prematurely. This approach ensured a
    more personalized and effective lead conversion process.
  • The “Five Star Data” Strategy – This user-friendly web-to-lead form allowed
    motivated prospects to provide detailed information that builders would need
    during the home building process. By capturing essential details upfront, the
    builders were equipped with comprehensive knowledge to start the building
    process seamlessly when qualified leads were assigned to them.
  • Sales Enablement Process – To bolster lead conversion, Auxano implemented
    a Sales Enablement Process (SET). The SET team members received all
    generated leads and made initial contact with potential home buyers. The
    qualified leads were sent via Salesforce directly to the builder with 5-Star Data
    to start the building process with a new customer

The Results!


Increase in qualified leads sent to builders


Increase in converted leads


Decrease in quotes lost

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